Wednesday, October 6, 2010

On camera – Jacob and Kalli’s business featured…



Hey everyone,

The Jump Manual is being featured here and if you’d like you can watch us being interviewed:

and here:

during the Affiliate Summit when we were in New York.

This might be the last time I will ever agree to be in front of the camera. That’s Jacob’s comfort zone, not mine. I prefer to be behind-the-scenes. We are excited and grateful that Clickbank chose to feature us!


GooberDiva13 said...

kalli, you look great on camera!

oh said...

I agree, Kalli. You look good and you sound good!

Lauren said...

I agree. Kalli you look so good on camera! Jacob you sound so professional, but sorry your pretty wife stole the scene! I am so proud of you guys and so happy that things are going so well for you!

The Elledges said...

Congrats you guys! Kalli you look SO GORGEOUS in the video! It was so good to see you in Utah! Hope you have a wonderful time in London (can't wait to see pics :)

ps we should skype sometime

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