Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Standing by…

Lots of things going on with us. Jacob turned 29. We went bowling.

P1080353 P1080373 

We went to an internet marketing conference in NYC.


Jacob’s brother Luke came with us. We had burek like old times.


I went to the Museum of Modern Art and saw some fantastic originals.



We learned why Carnegie Deli sandwiches are so famous..and it’s not for the taste.


A brotherly nap at 1291 Bed and Breakfast.


Flew to Dallas. Regan got home from his mission in Arizona. He can only talk about how he wishes it were not over.


P1080461 P1080464 P1080467 P1080476


Grandpa and Grandma Campbell came to visit.


Kai and Elishia got married. She looked ravishing.

P1080518 P1080597 P1080573 P1080595

I got to be a bridesmaid.

P1080579 P1080575

Meanwhile we are involved in a massive basketball shooting product launch, developing a new script to sell coaching on Clickbank, consulting with a major business for their SEO, translating the Jump Manual into Japanese, and so on and so forth. We’re not used to being…busy. We normally take things a bit easier.

We had three funny things happen with stand by last week. We are so blessed to get to fly with my Dad’s passes. We are the lowest ranking standby—we automatically drop to the bottom of every list—yet we have a fantastic history of getting on any flight we want. But…we had some glitches this time.

Flight #1 9 am to NYC. The flight attendant had us waiting in front of the door (along with an Oprah lookalike) but she wouldn’t let us board even though the flight should have left already. We figured out why when last minute approximately 50 Chilean students came massing in at the gate.P1080383

Flight #2 9:30 am to NYC. We almost missed the flight because the agent kept announcing “Miller” and eventually just erased our names from the list. She had to go retrieve someone off the plane when she realized her mistake which had us feeling a little guilty. Usually once you’ve got a seat in the airplane you think you’re going to be flying to your destination.

Flight #3 6:40 pm to Dallas. We didn’t get on, thought it was the last flight of the day, bought a $165 stay at an airport hotel…to find out we would have gotten on the next available flight (there were 2-3 more). Lesson learned: always ask…

Where are we going next? Only time will tell…feel free to leave a suggestion :)


GooberDiva13 said...

i think YOU looked ravishing at the wedding as well. that hair color/cut definitely suits you quite well. you should go to Australia and the surrounding islands (new zealand, etc.)!

The Elledges said...

what happened to the R in your sign? you guys sound super busy!!! can't wait to see where you go next. I vote Ghana.

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