Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Six month update

We took Ryder to the pediatrician today.

It’s only his third check up. It wasn't easy to visit doctors out of our campervan in New Zealand, but now that we’re in Tahiti we’re a bit more settled.

He is 17.5 pounds and 26.7 inches, which is just slightly above average in weight and height, but then again we are 10 days past the six month mark as well.

He can sit up on his own, he is curious and friendly, and the doctor said he is a beautiful and well-behaved little boy.

The doctor also said he cried much less than other babies receiving their shots.

I feel like Ryder passed his final exams with flying colors or something Smile




Other things new with Ryder: He’s just starting to get a tooth and loves to chew on anything. A particular favorite seems to be Jacob’s rubber bands. Our little athlete. Or is it gourmand?




As always, he is my grocery shopping buddy. We are staying in an apartment on the top of a hill so it’s our daily routine to walk together—I think of it as my workout—and get groceries.



He’s so easily bored interested in everything that I’m always trying to give him new things from around the apartment. Here he’s playing “She loves me…she loves me not” with a flower.




Ryder loves animals, real…



Or not quite.




His favorite things are: getting a bottle before bed, watching mom and dad make faces at him and laughing like crazy, and reaching for anything he can get his hands on.  He’s such a funny, sweet, and social little boy. He loves getting held by strangers. He’s not shy at all, and will grab their hair/hands/noses and refuse to let go if given the chance.


So anyone want to come babysit? We’ll let you stay with us in our apartment in Tahiti…. I haven’t figured out how to get to the beach yet with a baby. 3 weeks in Tahiti without yet visiting the beach for me! We’re planning on hiring a babysitter here soon enough. I want to learn how to body board with Jacob.

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