Monday, July 4, 2011


Just so you know, yes we are still alive and yes we are still out of the States. We have been moving like crazy…within one month from Cairo to Dallas to Seattle to cruising in Alaska to Vancouver. We have moved beds in Vancouver 4 times and been kicked out twice because real estate is so precious here. We’re finally in an apartment and ready to do some work.

Here is our tiny tiny room with bunk beds. Jacob said it felt like we were college roommates. Jacob has devised a new system which he calls cabinets where we can hang all of our earthly possessions around the room instead of constantly burrowing through the suitcase.



Mournfully kicked out again, scrambling to find a new home.


Hooray! We found an apartment in time for Canada Day.


Vancouver is a very nice city—very easy to live. Like the US but with public transportation and less crime.

But it’s dang cold for the summer time! I miss me some Texas heat, water parks, and Otter pops.

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