Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ephesus and Rhodes

Goodbye Turkey...

Well, we've made it over to Greece... and we're loving it! I'm seeing the island mentality of "take it easy and enjoy some sun" and it is niiiice...

Turkey was a great place, but it's true that we like to walk down the street without people getting in our faces selling stuff.

It also feels ultra forward to actually wear short pants, and I'm shocked at the amount of skin we're seeing again now that we've left modest Turkey...and there are way more women in public now too.

Let's see, what have we been up to the last couple of weeks?

*Visited the burial place of the Apostle John in Selchuk, Turkey
*Visited Ephesus, the best preserved ancient Roman city...and absolutely overrun with tourists. This is where Paul preached and got thrown in jail for telling people to stop making miniature idols of the gods.
*Jacob played some ball with some Turkish youth
*We stayed at Tom and Ali's hostel and Tom really literally fell in love with Jacob despite his girlfriend of 3 years...kissed him right on the cheek and told me not to be jealous...Jacob would pretend to be Tom's boss in front of other customers and ask him to go vaccuum and Tom thought that was the best joke ever...I also almost left my computer at this hostel and remembered before the dolmus left to go to Marmaris...close call.
*We rode on a "Blue Dolphin" to get to Rhodes. It only took an hour on this super fast boat. The water is soo blue here, it is really beautiful.
*Jacob went snorkeling for the first time and feels it will now be a lifetime hobby. I did not go but opted instead to float on my inflatable ring while Jacob pushed me around looking for fish.
*We stayed in a reallllly nice place in Pefkos, for 20 euros a night. It had a kitchen and Jacob made us some yummy meals, including fish, spaghetti, and fish spaghetti.
*We went couch surfing for the first time, with a guy who generously picked us up, bought us lunch, dropped us off in the city, and left us at his house while he went to another island. He is really cool!
*The old city of Rhodes is where the Crusader Knights had their base, and it is like Jerusalem, without the intense religious and political undertones.
*We will be visiting Santorini tomorrow, and meeting up with Perry a few days later. That will be fun!
*Jacob and I are having weekly meetings now where we discuss our business, how to improve it, and set goals. It is really a blast! It is really motivating to work together, and to tell the truth, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this work situation for myself when we first set out for Heiligenhaus, Germany. But it just shows God knows what's better for us than we do! Recently, I started focusing more on marketing The Jump Manual, and it's been really fun. I LOVE having no boss, choosing what time to get up in the morning, and setting my own goals for improving the business. It definitely helps that Jacob is an idea machine, and is so business savvy. A learning curve so high with starting an internet business would be so difficult to not have him around. Fortunately, he's made it past the hard part and I get to participate in the fun part, which is helping it grow. It also helps that The Jump Manual really is the best vertical jump program available, so finding ways to make it visible and promotable is easy.
*And last but not least, Mom made a beautiful wedding album for us! It's one of my greatest regrets to have no photo album from our wedding. If any of you, by the way, have photos of Jacob and I PLEASE send them to us. Our photographer lost all of our photos but two...But anyways Mom has made a really lovely collection of the photos we do have, and I'll post it here. Thanks Mom! It's made from a company that my cousin Andrea participates in, so I'll put in a plug for her that if you are interested you can find out more about HeritageMakers from her.

Because the connection isn't working so well, look for more photos on Facebook...

And, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MUM AND MOM!!!! We love y'all so much!
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