Saturday, January 7, 2012

Boy or Girl?

We’re finding out the gender of the baby Monday. I’ve taken quizzes to see what it will be. Jacob says that it’s silly, but I told him it’s just for fun, of course!

So, here are some common clues and how I answer them:

Morning Sickness:

I was shocked to have almost no morning sickness, just exhaustion. I was sure, with my predilection for food poisoning and a weak stomach for roller coasters and boat rides, I would have a lot. You hear that the more you have, the healthier the baby, so it worried me. But, I only got sick once. Conventional wisdom says this means it’s a: BOY.


I have not had “cravings.” I think those are imaginary. I have wanted foods that I have always liked, such as pickles and sunflower seeds and cereal. But I have leaned more towards fruit and sweets than usual, DSC03801

which dictates GIRL. However, it would be strange in any event if I craved meat (which points to a boy.) I have bought about 10 cheesestick packages (more protein = BOY) at 16 pieces a package. We should’ve taken a picture.


At our nine week appointment, the baby’s heart was 180 beats per minute, which is very, very fast. GIRL.

My appearance:

I have never felt more lovely and womanly, even with my belly. That points to BOY, because a girl is said to steal your beauty.

My age + the month I conceived…

is an odd number. GIRL.

I can’t do the wedding ring trick because I stopped wearing it long ago. Most of the world doesn’t wear a diamond on their finger wherever they go. Sad smile It’s in a safety deposit box. One day, I’ll wear it again…DSC04817

Jacob and I’s last “vacation” without kids, with Jacob’s parents on a cruise to Alaska.

So based on these predictions, anyone want to hazard a guess? What will we have, a mini Jacob or a mini Kalli?

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