Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mormon Women Project

After I found this website, I think I stayed up and read just about every single profile. The project is all interviews of women who have lived lives different than the stereotypical LDS woman. I find it refreshingly honest and a testimony-booster. It is now bookmarked.

Two of my favorites:

Her intellectual bent (she’s a trustee for NPR) resonated with me and her sense of humor made me smile

she survived the Cambodian Pol Pot regime with some heart rending stories


Also profiled is an LDS woman who is married to someone of a different faith, an LDS woman whose former mission president husband became entangled in embezzlement, the creator of the blog Seriously So Blessed, a celebrity hairdresser whose sister overdosed on heroin, a woman who chose to have only one child and the ramifications in our culture, a woman who decided not to get married and moved to Ghana instead…


Go. Enjoy.


Speaking of Ghana, we should be getting our visas tomorrow.

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oh said...

You'll be gonna to Ghana. After Salt Lake, we're backa to homa and glad of it! We enjoyed your September photos and look forward to the next batch.

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