Sunday, October 3, 2010

Road trip

Last week Jacob and I went on a road trip with my grandparents to see my grandpa’s place of birth and other parts of southern Utah.

I’ve travelled quite a bit with my grandparents. They were the ones who would pick me up when I arrived for college. They helped me on my never-ending moves around campus. They rescued me from isolated Jacob Lake. After our wedding reception in Missouri we went on a road trip with them to Nauvoo.

And now, we did southern Utah.

I’m really glad we get to do the retired couple-style road trips with them, because since I didn’t grow up around family, these are the memories that will probably stick with me the most.


Jacob entertaining himself in front of this old antique store where Grandpa and Grandma always go.



Grandpa’s one room school house…so much more rural than I would have ever guessed
P1080973 P1080971 P1080963 

Grandma’s picnic—she always has such healthy, yummy food!
Grandma’s favorite cemetery in the ghost town Widtsoe
Grandpa and I at his parents’ grave. What’s crazy is great grandpa’s first wife was born on April 19 (our wedding anniversary) and died on August 31 (my birthday).

Grandpa and Grandma are very social travelers.

Bryce Canyon

IMAG0018 IMAG0023


You shoulda heard Grandpa sweet talking this bird.

Hell’s Back Bone (emphasis put on the word bone)

The two buddies

Grandpa’s former house

I actually drove a lot of the trip. I’m finally getting used to driving again, which makes Jacob happy because he likes to work as I drive.

Jacob and I’s wedding site. So beautiful…what’s amazing is I didn’t know both sets of grandparents and so many other relatives had gotten married here in Manti when I chose this to be our temple. I’d always planned on Salt Lake, but I felt a strong draw to this temple and I didn’t know why…maybe my collective ancestors were whispering to me.


A visit with Regan.

Grandpa Campbell doesn’t realize it, but I recognize a lot of my personality coming from his genes.

1. I’m extremely frugal. I’m less than I used to be, but I still know a good bargain when I see one.

2. I love to eat. I love good food, and a meal is often the best part of my day.

3. Grandpa, I have begun to understand, has a thirst for adventure. He loves to travel.

4. We both have strong personalities and a tendency toward high blood pressure.

5. We love our families.


oh said...

I love this blog entry! I just know how happy it made mom and dad to go on the trip, and you saw a lot, too! I like seeing Dad wearing his horse shirt from the Fort Worth Stockyards. I also like the photos of Jacob entertaining himself. Looks like a great trip!

Adespain said...

What a neat trip, kallie! And, you are looking gorgeous and fit! good work!

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