Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ryder—13 months

Ryder at this age:

Is a tease. He loves to hold something and pretend to give it to you with an angelic expression on his face, then grin and snatch it back when you reach out to take it.

Is affectionate but not snuggly. He’s too on the move. To make a friend, he’ll walk up to someone and then sit on top of their feet. He’ll run, arms outstretched, for a hug, then run away just as quickly.

Is a greedy eater. He’ll yell for his food. He likes anything as long as it’s not spicy. He’ll take a bite, run around for a bit, and then come back for more. He says, “mmmm!” and smacks his lips.

He also says “What is this?” and holds it out to us. Seems to be his first phrase. He has also said “Uncle Jack” many times, it appears he has found his new favorite person.

Ryder’s birthday party with Skyped family. I know. I’m a domestic goddess. (joke) The cake was the color of Lebron James and the Heat. Ryder preferred to play with it rather than eat it.











Rather than high five, Ryder prefers to touch his pointer finger as a greeting.


He loves other little kids, and when we are out and about and he hears a little kid’s voice, he starts yelling and talking to them and trying to follow them.


Ryder is focused. He can sit and figure out how to open a sealed package for thirty minutes.


Ryder is fast. He learned to walk a week before age one and now he is practically running.


We are proud of our gregarious, babbling, tough, busy, mischievous and happy little toddler.

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