Friday, October 15, 2010

Working conditions on the road for a couple of tech nomads.


Hello, it’s Jacob writing here.  Sorry for my hiatus in entries here, I’ll try and post a bit more often.  Kalli takes such wonderful pictures and posts such great and controversial stuff, so it’s hard to compete! – not that it’s a competition…

So we ended up in one of the most ghetto places yet here in London.  All the decent places seemed taken.  But, we have hot water, super fast internet, and a gym near by so… who’s complaining!?

Interesting office setups abound on the road for us.  Since I never have a “real” office I am always trying to get the best from what I have.  Even if it requires using an empty box of pampers baby dry “megas” to setup the ideal office.

Here are a few items of note in my most recent mobile office.

1. Propped up laptop to reduce neck stain.

2. Wireless keyboard so I can prop up the monitor and still get a nice reach to the keyboard.

3. My Ipad is used here as a double screen so I can get a little more monitor space.  This is an ipad app called “Maxi Vista.”

4. Amazing logitech “dark field” mouse that works on ANY surface; glass, mattress, belly, hairy leg, you name it!

5. For those tech geeks out there I sport a Sony Vaio Z series with solid state hard drive, RAID drives, lit keyboard for night working, and super duper snuper light.

Our office changes every… 1 – 12 weeks, so I always have to improvise.  In this picture I had to “steal” the plastic chair from the hostel next door (over the fence) which is owned by the same folks.  Anyways London is very nice, and we’re having a great time.


Lauren said...

your working conditions are awesome! I like your new about us section! The details are good. Can I suggest you make the labels under your main graphic darker than white? I almost missed them and they are really helpful in navigating your blog!

Jacob and Kalli Hiller said...

Thanks... Got it... I changed it to black, oddly enough that was on my to-do list today.

We're thinking about a whole new blog concept to "emphasize" our lifestyle. I made a couple of changes but do you have any ideas for that?

Thanks Lauren! (It's Jacob here)

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