Monday, September 22, 2014

Ryder—27 months

Height: 88 cm (34.5 inches)

Weight: 14 kilos (30.5 pounds)

Percentile: Depends on which country you’re asking. He’s a little taller than average and a little heavier than taller than average. No surprise—he loves to eat.

We managed to obtain this information despite his greatest attempts at non-cooperation. He hates the doctor. I can’t say I blame him, since he usually gets shots every time he goes.

Current phrases we hear often:

“Belly hurts”. Usually means he needs to go poop.

“Wash yer hands”. He hates having dirty fingers, and loves playing in the water.

“Bako”. Means tuck me in (at night), or clean my hands.

“Eggs, spice, choclate?” His breakfast here in the Philippines (although he doesn’t eat the rice, he requests for it in the mornings.)

“Trampoline, balls!” 60 pesos gets 20 minutes of jumping on the trampoline full of balls.

“Dadu coming?”

“two, three, four!” Usually counting his cars.

“Clean up, mess!” He did not get his neat genes from me. Sometimes it confuses me how a toddler can have more aversion to dirty clothes and hands than me.

Sometimes he will sing a request to his favorite tunes, like “E-I-E-I-O” but along the lines of “Baby mall” it is too cute to refuse.

“Ouchie” said in the tiniest baby voice, which means he doesn’t really hurt, but he just wants kissies.

“Dinosaurs?” He has a dinosaur book and a dinosaur movie. He’s a little obsessed. I think it happened after we took him to a dinosaur theme park in Istanbul.

“Nother?” Often in reference to sweets and somersaults.

“Walk!” He likes to walk, but due to his dawdling, I always cajole him into the stroller.


The Colusseum is actually there in the very back.

He is no longer allowed to say no to everyone, but has to say hello. Surprisingly, he has caught on quickly. His yell is so loud, he inherited a singer’s lungs I think.

Jacob’s favorite thing Ryder does is look very confused and point at things that he knows: “Apple? Banana?”

He’s about 85% potty trained. Even with Delhi belly. I’m pleased.

He is an angel child on flights. Honestly, he really just loves airplanes. Again, very foreign to me. He also loves boats, trains, and transportation in general.IMG_0014

On the ferry in Istanbul

He still loves to Skype his grandparents.

His favorite things include: nandy, goats, dogs, cats, balls, vroom vrooms, slides, swings, and pushing the button on elevators. I think he has a lot in common with other two year old boys.

His favorite foods are: pizza, spaghetti, and eggs.

He and his dad are best buds. His mom is the one who puts him to bed, gets him ready in the mornings, and feeds him, and his dad is the one who does the fun stuff like playing basketball and riding tiku! Together we all make a pretty good team.IMG_0009

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