Friday, June 21, 2013

Ryder as a one year old

2013-06-15 13.38.15

Here’s some things about Ryder at this age.


75 cm


10 kg

Head circumference:

47 cm

Yeah, those numbers are meaningless to me too.



Words he says:

Mama, Dada, and RaRa

Phrases he understands:

“Where’s your ball?” and “Do you want to dance?”

(He will look for his ball and start shaking his arms at these phrases)

Also, “What’s your name?”

(RaRa! said in a growly voice.)

Sleeping through the night?

Yes. Thank goodness. I’m already starting to forget those hazy days and nights of early babyness.


Two, one in late morning and one in late afternoon.


Yes. He started a week before age one.

Potty trained?

No. I hold him over the toilet to go but haven’t had a catch in a while.


Not yet. Jacob wants to shave his head so they can be twins again though.


DSC01699 He still breastfeeds and loves his bottle, both. He likes to palm his bottle with one hand while sliding around the room. Even though it’s standard to stop breastfeeding at this age in the US, I can’t imagine stopping now. It’s a beloved ritual for us both and I think especially good for him, as he’s exposed to so many different kinds of foods in different countries, to get that extra immune system boost. It’s mainly just a feed in the morning though. He loves to kick his sleeping dad the whole time he’s eating.


He just lost interest in it back in New Caledonia. Fortunately for us, we don’t have to figure out how to wean him off of it.

Favorite food:

He’ll sog up anything and spit it out. Not sure how much is actually going down the pipe at this point.

Favorite book:

Curious George

Favorite song:


Favorite game:

He loves to be chased. We pretend he’s in trouble and say “You little baby!” and he runs away for a bit, then turns around and runs toward us as we chase him. He also likes “Peek a boo” (I’m pretty sure he came up with it on his own without us having played it with him first.)



Peek a boo at Hyde Park

Favorite toy:

He likes to play with anything practical that he sees mommy and daddy use. Cords and technology of course. Jacob bought him his own pair of headphones and that’s a consistent winner.



At the Buddha’s birthday party in Town Hall

If I had to describe Ryder’s personality, I would say he was not shy at all. Curious, goofy, and a tease. Cuddly and rough-and-tumble too. Independent already, fearless, and wants to do things himself.

I guess he’s now my toddler and not my baby! He’s squirmy as all get out, wants to be out exploring instead of sitting in mommy’s lap. Time for the next adventure—learning how to discipline!

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