Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rundown of 2010

January: (Missouri and Florida)

We prepared to go to India. We got new passports, mailed in visa applications, incorporated the business, opened 401ks, and overall made preparations for our next year of travel. We got pedicures with the Hillers. We also flew out to Disney World with my family.


February: (Texas)

We visited my parents and helped with some home improvement projects. Jacob and my dad went to the All-Star game with Usher performing and Lebron playing.

all star

March, April, and May: (New Delhi, Agra, Varanasi, and Calcutta, India)

We saw forts, castles, the Taj Mahal, watched cremations by the Ganges, worshipped at the Kali and Jain temples, and attended a Muslim wedding. I volunteered with Mother Theresa’s organization while Jacob trained Olympic athletes in Calcutta.



bernardcalcutta olympics

June: (Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Yao Yai, and Bangkok, Thailand)

We rode elephants and relaxed on the beach with some friends from Utah. We got a Thai “massa” and fish nibbled the dead skin off of our feet,  and we visited Buddhist temples, and now we still speak with a little whine in our voices.





July: (Beijing, China and Atlanta, Georgia)

We fell in love with Chinese cuisine, kareoked with some locals, saw a Chinese opera and acrobatics show, and climbed the Great Wall of China. Then we traveled back to Atlanta to meet with the UBA and I got to visit the house of the author of my favorite book of all time (it kicks Twilight’s butt) Gone With the Wind.

china outfitwilliamchina food


August: (Missouri, Iowa, New York City, and Texas)

We went to a balloon festival with Jacob’s grandparents. We went with Luke, Jacob’s brother, to New York for an affiliate conference. Regan got home from his mission and Kai and Elishia got married. We’re very fortunate we got to be around for those events. Jacob turned 29 and I turned 25.




September: (Idaho, Oregon, and Utah)
We visited Idaho and met with Clickbank, Oregon and met with Bioletics, and Utah and visited family and friends and took my grandparents on a road trip.

bioleticsopen roadjacobandgpagrandpa


October: (Georgia, London)

Jacob filmed a DVD in Atlanta, we visited London on a business trip where our friends Ben and Sally met us for a day, and my friend Meagan from freshman year of college showed me around a bit, and we got our visas for Ghana.


meaganbig benclickbank london


November:  (Accra and Cape Coast, Ghana)

We became familiar with Rastafarians, visited former slave forts, walked over a rainforest, and took it easy with the friendly folks in Accra.



December: (Rome, Italy and Texas, Iowa, and Missouri)

We ate pasta, pizza, and gelato with our surprise guest Scott in Rome. We visited the Pope in the Vatican City, saw the Sistine Chapel and the Colusseum, and actually cooked in our kitchen. Then we had Christmases in Texas, Iowa, and Missouri, and rung in the New Year with the Hillers and friends.





2010 was a great year and it raced right by. I know it won’t seem like a year by the time it rolls around for me to write one of these for 2011. It seems strange to look at these pictures when it feels like most of the time we just sat around on the computer and went to the gym. It’s a nice reminder that we did indeed get to see and do a lot this year. I’m grateful to God that He has allowed me to live my dream this year with my favorite person in the world. I am humbled as I realize that 2010 wasn’t an easy year for much of the world. Nevertheless, I hope 2010 has brought you some of your dearest dreams as well.

Happy 2011!

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