Saturday, January 22, 2011

8 Fun Things To Do In Vegas

Las Vegas was an unexpected treat.


I thought it would be trashy, tacky, kitschy, touristy, oversexed: perhaps the Phuket of the US?

Instead, although it was those things in small doses, it was also: clean, fun, convenient, and comfortable. Not to mention the weather was about 10 degrees warmer than Kansas City Smile

1. Stay on the Strip.

We splurged and stayed at Treasure Island for a week because it was close to our business conference.

I thought it would be decorated like a pirate ship inside but really it was just a very comfortable, typical hotel room. The fitness center was the best hotel gym we’ve ever had. And the restaurant food was excellent, too.

There is a a Monorail which gets you from one end of the strip to the other, but I walked it and it’s only an hour or two to do it all, even if you happen to get lost inside one of the massive casinos.


2. Walk the Strip at night…

And you’ll be sure to see plenty of little shows going on outside each of the casinos. This is the volcano show outside the Mirage.


3. Try out a spa.

The gym had plates of fresh fruit, bottled water, and quality equipment. And the makeup lesson I had was really helpful.

4. Visit an exhibit.

This is what would make living in Las Vegas cool, I think. Artifacts from the Titanic are on display at the Luxor. The week of our arrival, there was a technology expo with booths of people hoping to get their newest product designs on store shelves. There’s always something new to see in Vegas.

5. Go shopping.

At all hours of the night, you can walk across the street and there will be stores open. Very convenient for night owls like Jacob and I. You can buy just about anything in Vegas.


6. Go to a night club.

Not something we normally would have done, Clickbank parties introduced us to the Tao and the Wynn night club, which were very swanky and fun to network in.

7. Talk to taxi cab drivers and waiters…

And you’ll meet people from Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Taiwan. The people in Las Vegas come from all over.

8. Go to a show.

Jacob saw the Blue Men, and we both saw a show with some realllly bad rap at the Clickbank afterparty. This is Vegas. The shows have potential to be trashy. Do your research before going. If we would have had time, I would have gone to see The Lion King at Mandalay Bay.

Notice I didn’t say gamble…it’s because I can’t recommend something I didn’t do! Although I had every intention of trying a slot machine, the truth is we were kept so busy I never had a chance. I was feeling very lucky, too! Oh well, there’s always next time…

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