Thursday, March 22, 2012

Viva Mexico! And a tribute to Value Place

We went to the Ballet Folklorico at Bellas Artes last night. First we went to a soup and salad place for dinner and I ordered a queso panela sandwich and they gave me a cheese sandwich with jam and lettuce on crumbly wheat bread. It didn’t taste nearly as good as it sounds. Despite sitting up in the Galeria in the opera house, the view was pretty good. It was 300 pesos per ticket. I had to laugh because the baby started kicking right at the end as the dancers started shouting “Viva Mexico!”

women with gunslasso


huge dancers


The baby is already a loyal Mexican and he is probably going to like Mexican music. If you believe that babies like the music they hear in the womb.

In other news, we were in an earthquake a few days ago. We woke up to looking out the window and seeing the building we live in swaying like a tree in the breeze. It’s a huge apartment complex made up of several towers with an empty courtyard in the middle of it. We hopped out of bed and almost ran out of the room in our underwear. Then we changed our minds, grabbed pants and jackets, and I grabbed two bananas (food is always on my mind.) Then we ran down all 8 flights of stairs in our bare feet. For some reason I wasn’t scared. I have since decided that it’s because we stay at Value Place in American Fork, Utah. Every single time we stay there, there is either a suicide, flood, or fire that involves calling ambulances and evacuating the building. It’s just par for the course. It’s gotten to the point where we just ignore the sirens going off, when we’re there. Turns out this time was nothing to worry about, either.

Thank you, Value Place, for helping me to keep my calm!


oh said...

I might have to buy a ticket to Ballet Folklorico. I can imagine the trumpets singing, guitars strumming, hands clapping, and feet stomping. The costumes look amazing (except for one).
Viva, indeed!

Jordon&Andrea said...

I love that the baby kicked!!

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