Monday, February 21, 2011

My journey with Islam

    I’ve gone on a journey when it comes to how I view Islam.

          First I was ignorant of what Islam was.

                Then I learned a little and I was disgusted.

                       I learned more and I was indignant.

                          I compared Bible verses to show its superiority to the Koran.

                             I saw Muslims and Christians as separate, with Muslims the clear inferior.

                                I became outspoken against it.

I made Muslim friend after Muslim friend.

                                My heart began to soften.

                              I realized there aren’t better people out there than Muslims, in many ways.

           I realized that in most religions, flaws are found, but in most religions,

beauty is found as well.

                         I moved to acceptance for Islam’s flaws..

                   I saw the good Islam has to offer and recognized its similarity to my own beliefs.

              I grew to love the people who practice Islam.

        I now feel a part of my heart is Muslim.


une américaine said...

Agreed. Some of my absolute best friends are Muslim. :D


Jamie said...

Beautiful post.

Malkisideeq said...

really love this post jacon n kalli..

Malkisideeq said...

malkisideeq ( mohammad from malaysia, we met in turkey 2009,if im not mistaken )

Jacob and Kalli Hiller said...

Of course I remember you, you're one of the friends I was thinking of ;)

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