Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy birthday Mom

Mom’s birthday is February 13 so I will do a birthday post for her because we are leaving for Rwanda and I don’t know if we’ll be able to talk on the phone.

When I think of the three things that are most important to my mom, I think of family, the gospel, and music.

As time passes, I realize how much sacrifice it takes to become a mom as I contemplate the step myself. My mom truly devoted herself to our family. She tried (and succeeded) to cultivate an atmosphere that was fun and uplifting. She instilled in us a desire for education and to work hard in school. She is always just a phone call away if I need anything.

When I am a mom one day, I hope my kids will be able to say the same.

My mom lives a life very much striving to be close to Heavenly Father. I have never doubted her sincerity. I don’t know how many times as a child I walked in to see my mom praying on her knees.

When I am a mom one day, I hope my kids will be able to say the same.

My mom is probably the most talented person that I know. Actually, I think of her as a creative genius. Although I have not chosen to pursue a full time music career, I will always be grateful for the joy in musical expression and for the ability to be instantly useful when entering an LDS Church building. Smile Really music is an amazing gift that brought me the ability to be hard working, independent, and grasp difficult concepts. I know music is a legacy worth sharing.

When I am a mom one day, I hope to share the gift of creating music with my kids.

I think those 3 things are a wonderful legacy to leave. My mom and I are very different in some ways, but I love and respect her and hope she knows I am grateful for her.


This is the day Mom drove the 350Z across the country because I didn’t know how to drive a car with a shift stick!

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