Friday, February 25, 2011

Body Rockin’




In India, many people commented on my weight loss. In fact, one lady at Church, who can’t speak English, managed to ask me “Health?” Someone said that she thought that I must have lost weight from illness. Women in India are all a little rounder and curvier and generally that’s encouraged; it’s the men who are skinny as sticks. I had hoped a little that my weight gain of last year didn’t make me look that different, that no one would notice one way or the other; now that I’ve lost 25 pounds I know better—I look different. I feel different, too. I feel more confident.

I never realized how much being active affects your confidence; but when I think about it, some of the most confident people I know are also people who make sports/fitness a priority.

So I’m excited to continue increasing my levels of fitness.

Beyond getting abs, I have other fitness goals such as doing a full push up.

Going to the gym, using the weight machines, and running a mile daily was giving me results, but very slowly, and there were setbacks.

Jacob, as my personal trainer, has recommended this website to do my training from home when I don’t have access to a gym (which is often)

I’ve already noticed results after only doing it for 2 weeks. It absolutely removes any excuses about not having the right equipment/not having a gym membership. Not only that, but the average daily workout is only 20 minutes long (this week it’s been 10!), and Zusana, the trainer, comes out with a new routine every single day. Which is nice for someone who doesn’t like to “go running”—the seeming default workout of all American women.

It’s really really hard, but when it gets easier it means you’re getting stronger. I definitely recommend it—I feel great.

What makes it extra fun is it’s run by a married couple who have been “married for three years, blogging for two” and who “love to travel and can’t decide where to settle down.” And she’s Czech, so her accent reminds me of my friend Iva’s. If you’re in an exercise rut, check it out.

By the way, she has a great body and dresses the part, but her breasts are fake (she admits).


Adespain said...

Thanks for the links. I also like the Jillian Micheal's mini-workouts (on Hulu) that I usually add to a run or after soccer of basketball. And, I'm glad you added the share buttons!

Sally Lou said...

25 lbs! go you!
i am going to start to try and get in shape myself, so thank you thank you THANK YOU for the link :) I've already browsed the site and it looks great! Of course browsing is totally different than doing the work out itself...I'll get there, I promise :P

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