Wednesday, September 29, 2010


For the uninitiated, let me explain what Utah is.
By uninitiated, I guess I mean people who aren’t Mormon.
I’ve gone to Utah every year since I was born there. It’s like this great meeting place, where you can see former acquaintances who live all over the world but who come to Utah to find a spouse, to go to school, or to see family. Jacob can see people from Missouri here, and I can see friends from Keller. Missionary reunions happen here. Former coworkers run into each other here. The LDS Church makes it a small world and it’s a smaller one when you’re in Utah. Furthermore my roots and family history go back to the pioneers who first came to Utah, and it’s where Jacob and I got our start.  I think we’ll always love visiting here. It feels like coming home to me.

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It was great to see Lana and Nicole. We three have taken such different paths and it was fun to see how much was the same and how much had changed. We missed Andrea, who is living in Ohio, and we missed Ashley, who passed away in a car accident right after Jacob and I got engaged. It’s hard for me at these kind of times. Your freshman year roommate is unlike anyone else in the entire world, and we had inside jokes that I long to relive sometimes but no one would understand but her. Yes, Ashley is missed. The picture is too small, but she’s the third from the left below and I’m the second from the left.



Adespain said...

looks like good times were had by all! wish I could have been there! maybe next time . .

The Elledges said...

the dog on a plate made me laugh out loud :) it was so great to see you!

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