Friday, September 3, 2010

Any tips?

I have this problem.

I always forget to dry my hands after washing my hands in the bathroom. And invariably, I have to shake hands with someone I’m being introduced to as soon as I exit the bathroom. It’s become correlated in my mind: if it’s time to shake hands with someone, my hands are probably damp. It’s really unfortunate because I don’t have sweaty palms normally, but I’m giving the impression that I do.

As far as I see it, I have five options:

Option 1: Remember to dry my hands fully before exiting.

Problem: I have tried to remember in the past and failed. Also, I’m sometimes too lazy/in a hurry and justify skipping the final step of drying my hands.

Option 2: Wipe my hands on the sides of my pants in front of them, leaving the newly introduced person with their hand extended, waiting.

Problem: This is a little awkward, and leaves no doubt in the person’s mind where I have been. It may also concern them that I have peed on my hand instead of washing my hands with water and soap. Also, in that split second I find I immediately reach for their hand, forgetting my hands are still wet.

Option 3: Lie blatantly and apologize for the lack of paper towels even when there were plenty left.

Problem: This saves face but isn’t ethical.

Option 4: Do the guy punch thing instead of a handshake.

Problem: Girls don’t do that to people they have just met.

Option 5: Shake hands with your fingertips only.

For some reason, this is the option I usually fall back on. It accomplishes the handshake still, but avoids getting the other person’s hands wet (my fingertips dry faster than the rest of my hand). However, it is a very strange way to shake hands.

So…any readers out there have a solution to my dilemma? Which option is best? Which option would you prefer the next time you need to shake hands with me, in which instance I can pretty much guarantee will be directly after a visit to the restroom by yours truly?

These pictures of Jacob shaking hands are for illustration only. Jacob says when he wants to shake hands with someone and his hands are wet, he actually gives them his elbow. Or wrist. I didn’t include that in the options because that is just too far-fetched for me. 

P1060080  P1060400



Anonymous said...

Option 6 and easily the most elegant solution. Don't wash your hands!!!

LJ said...

I am with Jacob on this one. I personally don't dry my hands when I leave a public restroom. I just don't. So whenever the shake hands occasion arises I give people the elbow and say my hands are wet. No one minds and it is something to chuckle about.

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