Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hiller Encounter #4

Not sure that is is really a Hiller encounter... Decide for yourself. I went to look at an apartment and the guy who showed me the apartment said his boss or "chef" was also named Hiller. Turns out it is the same Hiller from the other encounters.

This is kind of interesting about German real estate. Most people live in apartments which mixes things up a bit. Here's why:

  • When an apartment is unfurnished it is really unfurnished. No sink in the kitchen, no lights in the sockets, and no paint on the walls. Some of them have EBK, or a small built in kitchen.
  • Also real estate agents seem to focus as much on renting out apartments as they do on selling homes.
So because of this there is a sink store right on the main street. People are going to usually live in an apartment so they want things just they they like them.

Another housing note: You can get an apartment cold or warm meter. Cold means you pay the electric and water each month according to how much you use. Warm means that you opt for an average and take a steady monthly payment. We think we have found the place we want to stay at which has an excellent location, although it is small.

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