Friday, November 21, 2008

Hiller encounter #3

So I was out looking for the weight room, which is where I had Hiller encounter #1. Then I noticed, near the same Hiller building, an entire business called Hiller. It happens to be close to where the weight room is so I just went in to ask directions. After she gave me directions I said, my name is Hiller like the business. The young lady said, I am also a Hiller. Then she introduced me to her mom who also worked at the business. they seemed excited. The older lady from before is the Grand Mother who lives neear the business. The weight room is right next to their business. So the Hillers can probably count on seeing more of me. It would be interesting to see if there was any relation (a long shot I know, but it's still fun to play). It happened to be a VERY VERY windy day and as I was leaving a bunch of their styrofoam stock was flying around everywhere, so I helped them gather it in the first snow storm of the year. Now snow stuck, but it was very very windy and extremely cold.

Katherine Hiller and I.

Hiller friends.

Hiller Stoffe (materials)

The Hiller Truck.

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Kate said...

Katherine Hiller is a good name.

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