Friday, November 14, 2008

Hiller encounter #1

I went for a walk this morning, it is very cold. I saw this image on the side of an apartment building. I looked at the name for one of the apartments and it was Hiller. I thought I might just knock and say hello. Silly really, I was just excited to meet the first Hiller that is not direct family. Well... the old lady who answered the door wasn't nearly as excited. I was really unable to get out, "I am from America, My name is Hiller too!." Her reply, "Yeah, so what." She was pretty ticked off. I said sorry and she swiftly slammed the door. So the good news is that I found some Hillers, the bad news, they hate me. Maybe I should try again tomorrow morning when it is a little warmer. She probably thought I was a mormon or salesperson knocking at her door.


lukey doo said...

Sounds like she might be related to Ed :)

Jacob and Kalli Hiller said...

hehe.. thats what mom said.

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