Saturday, August 7, 2010

Artsy Fartsy

Thanks for a perspective change from my commenter on my last post. I really needed that.

It’s absolutely true that there are subcultures going on wherever you’re at. Though the things I wrote about last post are the most glaring to me upon initially returning to the States, it certainly doesn’t define all of America.

For example, my mother-in-law and I went to the first vegan restaurant I have ever been to yesterday, and it was SO GOOD! It’s called Fud (with an umlaut over the u)

Although you hear bad things about cow’s milk, I didn’t think that I could ever give up dairy because of the taste. But cashew cheese and milk is sooo tasty. Our ice cream was made of cashew milk and it was better than real ice cream! And we had tacos, one with a base of jackfruit in mole sauce and another with wild rice soaked overnight. Wow.


P1080327 P1080332

We also went to River Market, a really amazing little place which has a farmer’s market, Ethiopian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern restaurants, Italian, Vietnamese, and Mediterranean grocery stores, and a Polish/Ukranian pierogi shop.

Not to mention the most important thing about America which is why we want to stick around…family!

It is wonderful to be around family again.


Hiller fam

Holy cow, I look so young in this picture.


Besides hanging out a lot with Al, Laura, and Luke (Jacob’s brother) we went to visit his grandparents in Iowa for the balloons.


P1080301 P1080302 P1080303 P1080304P1080312 P1080317 P1080321 P1080325 P1080326

And actually, Kansas City is quite an artsy, fun city itself. There’s something called First Fridays, where local artists showcase their latest works and live bands play downtown. And the architecture of the city is really very beautiful. Too bad it has to get so dang cold around here…




The Nelson-Atkins art museum



My man took me out on a date to the art museum in Kansas City. He sure knows how to treat me right!

Looking forward to NYC next week and Kai’s wedding right after that in Dallas!!!

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GooberDiva13 said...

are you trying to eat the balloons or are they coming out of your mouth? ;) talk about artsy fartsy :P

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