Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Phuket to Phi Phi

Thai names take some getting used to.

Because of political problems, we flew direct from Bangkok to Phuket.

P1040549 P1040578

This is a common fruit that’s hard and whitish and with a seed.



CIMG7618 CIMG7640 CIMG7625


We took a break from Phuket, which is Thailan'd’s most touristy island, to go to its least touristy: Koh Yao Yai. We were the only white people there on the Muslim island, which is the way we like it.

P1040789 P1040762 P1040625

P1040826 P1040807

We had a bungalow and a beach all to ourselvesP1040889
P1040890 P1040929 P1040912

P1040919 P1040944 P1040961 P1040967 P1040964 P1040952


P1040992 P1040999

P1060011 P1060009 P1060012


Fish spas are fun, but unbelievably ticklish!

P1060073 P1060058



  At Big Buddha

P1060120 P1060150 P1060152 P1060147

Regretfully, we haven’t met that many Buddhists-or that many Thais for that matter. We did get to see some ceremonies at the temple.


P1060169 Buddha’s tooth



P1060188 P1060214


Mushrooms in three stages

These Thai incense stations which I believe are to pay reverence to Buddha are everywhere
 P1060241 P1060240

Typical gas station for the moped (just bottles)

P1060245 P1060262  P1060251

My horse was real feisty and stubborn. She kept shaking, stopping abruptly, nudging the guy leading her, and avoiding stepping in water. She made me nervous.


We are now on Phi Phi Island after doing some gorgeous snorkeling, preparing to take a bus to Bangkok where we’ll hang out til we get our visa to …



Adespain said...

It looks like you guys are thoroughly enjoying yourselves! Thanks for all the pics. It's so much fun to take a look at all this crazy-fun-enlightening stuff you guys are exposed to!

Jefferson and Erica said...

Love it!

wood0306 said...

Sexy!!! I love it!

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