Monday, June 14, 2010

And…I’m a redhead again

P1060445 I used to think that natural was always your best color.

But I am so over my natural color. I love being a redhead!

Grandma Campbell, you’ll be proud! :)



GooberDiva13 said...

i finally figured out how to leave comments again! ;)
I LOVE your hair red. It's beautiful! It brings out your eye color.

Al and Laura said...

Great Color!

Erica Chandler Hansen said...

Jefferson found this tip on how to avoid Jellyfish stings and I thought of you two...

oh said...

From Grandma Campbell:
"That red is just so right! I love it and thought how wonderful before I even read what you said. Cute, easy style as well."

oh said...

Your father says red or pink, blue, or black, yellow, or rainbow, can't change the beauty without and within.

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