Monday, April 19, 2010

Three years starts today…

No comments on the last post means I (Kalli) am back ;) It’s been two years since the day we got married, but Jacob thought it was three ;) It does feel like a long time we’ve been married. We have moved probably something like 40 times in those two years.
There’s a saying that says date with your eyes wide open and keep your eyes half shut once you’re married. But I feel like I did the opposite. I didn’t know I was marrying a genius when we got married. I knew he was smart. I didn’t know his was the sharpest mind I had ever come across. It was a pleasant surprise to learn after getting married…I’m a very lucky woman.
Here we are eating out for our anniversary on top of the Salt Lake City Center:

Here are some other random pics from what we’ve been up to…

They keep human fetuses in the Indian Museum….very strange….

We had dinner with a lovely family yesterday. They taught me an easy way of wearing the sari….fed us…gave us gifts, a card to celebrate our anniversary, and overall just spoiled us…
Popular Bengali dish of minced fried fish and mustard/ketchup


These are what you wear in the middle of your forehead. I was told it is the third eye. It keeps your body cool and completes the face. I think they are so pretty.


P1030268 P1030281


oh said...

You married a genius. I married a saint. Your mother married a pug dog.

Ann-Marie said...

Happy Anniversary! I miss playing domino's with you two!!

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