Friday, December 5, 2008

A twist on Pepperoni Pizza & The Pizza Purist

I met a great friend recently and he took Kalli and I to his uncles pizza place. Well this place seriously has the best Pizza I have ever had. He is a turkish man but he looks italian and cooks italian pizza. His place is called "buena vista." Kalli ordered a pepperoni pizza they said that was not normal but they would do it anyways... well... come to find out that pepperoni is german for "pepper" so she got a pepper pizza. It was delicious. So delicious we have already ordered a pepper pizza again. The pizza there is really off the chain. This guy is a pizza purist. He lectured about how you never cook pizza in a pan etc. etc. Delicious.

Pepperoni Pizza a la Germany


GooberDiva13 said...

yummy! I think that they call pepperoni salami over there, if you're ever in a mood for "pepperoni"

Adespain said...

Sounds delicious! It also sounds like you guys are very blessed! We miss seeing you guys around.

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