Friday, December 5, 2008

Getting spoiled...

I had just learned that Kalli would no longer be working with the school, which was clearly the best thing for her. But the timing of this and what happened next is fairly remarkable.

First of all we were literally moments, wallet in hand kind of thing, away from committing to 3 months rent. Also I was about an hour away from purchasing a motorcycle. I waited for Kalli to have a very long conversation with her work and waited with the real estate agent to sign the papers.

Kalli came down and said we would have to wait and then explained what was going on.

I took a walk down main street, knowing we would want to find a temporary place but realizing that EVERYWHERE is at least a 3 month commitment. No furnished temporary havens for us. I was still just feeling very good, realizing that this was really best. The growing pains at the school make it not a very good place to be. But I happened upon a hotel and inquired as to prices. The gentleman and I spoke at length as he gave me a tour. I quickly realized that this place was over our head... It was a 4 star hotel and usually rented by businessmen. The rates were around $200/day. As we chatted a just felt good about what was happening but he asked me how much I expected to pay for a month. I explained that there was no way I could do a room here for a month justice, it was just too good for what we were looking for. He said he would make me a special deal he never made anyone. I told him we were trying to find a place for 400 - 500 euros a month but I realized, once again, that this was much more than we were looking for. I told him I could also help optimize his hotel website for visitors.

He then told me we could have the studio, a 2 bedroom suite with entertainment system, fridge, completely furnished with nice leather couches, a beautiful view, access to the sauna and hot tub, and 2 small packs of delicious haribo gummy bears all for 500 euros for a month. It was one of the most delightful and ridiculous things I have ever heard. I left the place literally laughing with joy for about a half mile down main street.

The same night we moved in. On a full stomach of gummy bears we slept on a bed that was actually meant for 2.

This same day I had thought already so much about how much we have to rely on people and how that need makes it somehow easier to make friends.

A video of our new place.

Here are some more pictures.

And more up to the new suite.

Up to the new suite.

OUR old roomate... Very very cool guy.


The Elledges said...


i'm so glad things have worked out for you two! sounds like the school was way way way too stressful, but your new place looks really nice!

Dad and Mum said...

This is an incredible turn of events. :-) and a spare room for your 'guests' Can't wait to visit. Love, you both! Mum.

GooberDiva13 said...

are they two toilets or is one a bedee? (I don't know how to spell that word...silly french word)

ps: the word verification is "singst" as in, du singst ;) perfect for this blog.

TexasNexus said...

I am so jealous that you are having adventures and I have dull boring routine. Of course, some adventures can make you long for routine, but finding that hotel, impossibly, is a very cool story.

wood0306 said...

Wow.... How fun. Would you have ever thought that after telling the stories of all your Dad's adventures, that you would be on one quite like this. Good luck!!! Happy Holidays :)

Jacob and Kalli Hiller said...

Jacob thought there were the two toilets, but it's actually a mirror :)

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