Friday, December 10, 2010

I’m thankful for shrimp

It was around this time four years ago (four? that seems so long ago) that Jacob invited me to his work Christmas party. We were at an awkward stage—should I go on my mission? Should Jacob prevent me from going on one? He asked me out by sending a text: Date tonite, yes or no?

I decided, “Yes.”

That night, there was plenty of party food. As I got a plate together, I turned to Jacob and said, “You know what? I think this is my first time to eat shrimp in public.” “Really?” Jacob replied. “How often do you eat it in private?”

And I swear to you, that is the reason he knew he wanted to date me. He doesn’t even realize it but I’m convinced that’s what won him over. Since then, I have eaten shrimp in public (and, I suppose, private) countless times, but I never stop being grateful for that offhand comment that Jacob found so endearing and hilarious.



I think this might have been for Homecoming, one of our first dates.


oh said...

I LOVED the story. And now I love shrimp, too!

Jordon&Andrea said...

Hmm, I still can't eat shrimp, public or private :)

Lauren said...

I love these types of stories. The simple endearing things that we love about our significant others who become our spouses. The shrimp story is great.

We would love for you to come out to PNG! If you want to come visit for a few weeks, you have a place to stay. We would love to see you two again.

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