Friday, February 5, 2010

Can tough guys get a pedicure?

They can now! Family pedicure outing...

Never thought I'd be doing this! But my dad Al, better known as "the Dude" has all but insisted ;)

Trying to maintain my tough guy image after having my toe nails done. I opted for flames but they couldn't quite hack it so I settled for a smily face. Al got blaCk with a lightning bolt, and the ladies got girly stuff.

Nice massage remote.

Who wins nicest design.

Cast your vote ;)

- Blogging on the road wit my iPhone.


Jefferson and Erica said...

we're not sure how to respond to this...

Jacob and Kalli Hiller said...

Yeah me either.

oh said...

Smiley face gets my vote. . . .it makes me smile :)

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