Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Rant From A Small Business Owner

Alert...I (Kalli) am going to rant...sorry in advance. I will reveal some of my conservative leanings in this post.

Speaking of charity from the last post, I found it kind of ironic...

I have a friend on Facebook, a staunch liberal, who likes to say conservatives just don't care about the needy...after all, they don't support tax raises that just want to provide welfare to others...they are selfish because they want to keep the money they earned...after all, they have a lot of it, right?

But if you research it you'll find statistics that say on average, conservatives donate 30 % more of their income to charity than liberals, as well as donate more time and even more blood to charitable causes.

It seems the current government's way of management is to take money from people who worked smart and earned it and give it to the poor, helpless, little people...isn't that generous??? Obama's like a parent with 300 million helpless children who gives out handouts left and right taken from the mean, bad business owners who dare to be successful and make a lot of money.

Oh wait, that's me and Jacob.

I'm mad. Jacob and I work hard to budget our money, and for what purpose? So that the federal government can blow their budget out of the water? And I'm supposed to help pay for that via taxes? It's nice to know that for months January through April we will donate all of our money that we earned so that the government can put up one powerful, yet succinct, paragraph on its 18 million dollar website. Not.

It's not that we don't care about people who are struggling right now. We donate a lot of money to various charities every year. But I like getting to choose where my money is allocated--to which charities and for what purpose. The government is not a charity I would like to donate to.

I still like Obama personally and I still wouldn't have wanted to see McCain's face for four years.

But so far his lip service to small business has been just that, lip service.

I only ask for one thing from the government. And that is, to use my money wisely. I don't want them to tell me my morals, or to tell me anything really. I just want them to stay out of my business and get the job done. With as minimal amount of my money as possible.

If this continues, we're moving to Canada.

Or...India!!! We'll probably be leaving in a week. I'm nervous. We've got our visas, passports, vaccinations, and mini-size towels, blow and hair dryers, etc. We've been incorporating the business, preparing taxes, and getting everything organized before heading out again while staying with Jacob's parents...The plan is currently New Delhi, Agra to see the Taj Mahal, Varanasi the holiest city of India, and then settling in Kolkata, former home of Mother Teresa. We'll see though, we have been known to change plans last minute.


Erica Chandler Hansen said...


Jacob and Kalli Hiller said...

Jacob: Please give me 24 hours notice if we are going to Canada ;)

Adespain said...

To India finally! Enjoy!

Your rant kind of sounds like "Glen Beck's Common Sense", at least the part of it I listened to. It was on CD and I had to give it back before I was done (since Jordon kept stealing it, now neither of us finished :). Have you read it?

And how long does "settling" mean you'll be there for?

oh said...

Gee, Canada is actually pretty close by us. . . well, compared to Calcutta. (Canada looks great, too; they did a nice job "selling" me on their country at Disney.)

We listened to the State of the Union---two-thirds of it, anyway. It got kind of long.

Sounds like you're close to heading out. Hope to chat with you soon!

Laura said...

I totally agree with you. Government: please stay out of my business.

That has more meanings than one ;)

My dad used to be part of a small business partnership and was pretty upset when taxes increased on small businesses.

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