Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some reasons I love Jacob...Happy Birthday Honey!

The way...

1. He sings everything in 4ths and 5ths, like a true bass

2. He fearlessly kills bugs while I cower in terror

3. He will randomly get up from the computer and start doing exercises

4. He cooks, cleans, and does the shopping! :)

5. He is so easy going and is okay with pretty much whatever I feel like doing

6. He is so smart in a very down-to-earth, practical way

7. He is such a believable tease

8. He lives his life full of faith: in himself, in others, and in God

9. He knows me so well. Although sometimes I wish he couldn't read my every facial expression!

10. He can make anything and everything fun.

We slept a lot of the day on Jacob's birthday, had a little party just him and me. He got a basketball, a Moroccan exfoliator with lotion (made sure to get the men's version) and world Monopoly.
I went shopping the night before with the 3 sisters who live upstairs in the markets and did not bring my French dictionary. Whoops. It was hard work shopping in the markets with my 10 phrases in French. The stores here are just objects of all genres that could have been popular about 30 years ago crammed in piles on shelves. If you see a jewel, you're lucky.
We brought a cake and celebrated with our Moroccan family by playing Monopoly on their terrace/roof. None of them ever wanted to buy a property when they landed on it, and Jacob and I as a team couldn't land on anything, so the game eventually fizzled out.
28 years ago today!!!


oh said...

We thought about you both all day on the 11th. We will bake a cake and have a party the next time we see you!

Jacob and Kalli Hiller said...

I'll definitely be bookmarking this page to come back to when I need to feel good!

OH, what kind of cake and what time do we show up!

tjdinheiro said...

Dang man you are getting way way way way old!

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