Monday, July 20, 2009

Waiting for the airplane... I heart food

Why would anyone choose to make a flight at 5 am? That means you have to be there at 3 am, and if you use public transportation, which is unpredictable at night...we were here at 11:30 pm. So. Posting some pictures seems a good way to pass the time...

One thing I will remember the most about Berlin was the food. I decided that Jacob and I should splurge because who knows when we'll have another chance to eat such a variety of exotic cultures' food? Certainly not in Morocco. Since we've been in Berlin we have eaten

Thai everything, Vietnamese glass noodle salad at popular Monsieur Vuong'sChinese won ton soup, Japanese sushi rolls, Lebanese falafel, Russian meat-filled pastriesTurkish/Kurdish doeners and lentil soup, German bakery items and currywurst, Sudanese peanut sauce durum Ethiopian crepes which were strong tasting and to be eaten with fingers, Eritean spinach and cheese wraps (I'd definitely get this again)
Indonesian mango milk, Indian curry, Malaysian stuffed rolls, French ratatouille (gourmet to me only means less food for more money)

Tibetan/Nepalese momos (my favorite)

Andalusian tapas and-- no this was not a coincidence that this was so culture-varied. Jacob patiently allowed me to drag him to all these places, when he would have been equally content, more so, to eat Thai food every day for his entire life.
This is not our table, but a piece of modern art hanging on the wall.

That is the vast difference between Jacob and I's food preferences. When Jacob finds something he likes, he latches onto it. He orders the same thing every time at each Thai restaurant: Tom kha gai. He eats a doener every day and drinks his protein powder every day and consumes three bananas every day and is absolutely and thoroughly consistent with his food likes and dislikes. He has a huge sweet tooth and likes getting snacks like gummy bears out of the vending machines, and no dish is complete without some quantity of meat, according to him.

My style, on the other hand, is that I will order something on a menu that sounds less delicious to me if I have never tried it before. It is as if I am trying to squeeze all of the world's tastes into a short time frame (my life). In dinner group I never cooked the same thing twice, risking a new recipe every time. Unlike Jacob I have never been a vending machine shopper. Instead of sweets I chew gum, addictively. I also have a weakness for salty foods like pickles and chips. I avoid meat when possible, preferring fish and lentils for protein.

To mix our two styles together definitely requires some compromise. Yet we still manage to share food together all of the time! We do share a love of Thai food. Ironically, however, when it comes to cooking I feel I must follow the recipe to the dot, whereas Jacob never uses a cookbook and just throws stuff together! I don't know how, but it just works. We complement each other.

Just when we thought Berlin would be the only place we didn't get invited to dinner...we met Sarah's friend Christina, center of the photo... the LDS ward in Tiergarten was very nice, just very transient.

One of these is not like the other...

In front of the Babylonian Ishtar Gate from the times of do you spell that

From Pergamon, Turkey
Berlin wallRiver Spree in Museuminsel

Last look on Berlin...only Vienna compares to you.

There is more on Morocco, but computer died, I can't log into my email, and Jacob's computer is really slow. So until next time...hope you all had a good Pioneer Day! (Mentioning the holidays on the blog helps me feel like I have participated a little on the other side of the pond)

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gonancy said...

Hi! Just getting caught up on your blog. It's too bad that you all just missed Alex in Berlin. He loved it there too. I know your folks are excited to see you--Laura told me they were headed over. Can't wait to see pics of Morocco. Take care! Nancy

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