Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Barber Attack!

This was funny. I have been looking for an electric razor for when I don't shave for a few days. I bought one for 2 bucks but it wasn't powerful enough so I went back to the same vendor to look at the others, it was just fella with a table top full of electric razors on the street. After 10 minutes of looking I decided to keep looking around for others.

He quickly stopped me ans gestured to come back and "test" it. I consented, he grabbed the razor we were looking at and just clipped along the edge of my chin (which was now in full beard). Then he aggressively shaves a stripe all the way up the middle of my chin!! And then recoils and says, "Buy to finish! ME Saddam Hussein YOU George Bush!"

I stood there with a stripe carved out of my chin slowly realizing that he was being serious. He was mad at me for some reason. I yanke the razor out of his hand thinking I might finish it myself. I warded off his attempts to take it back, then just decided I should walk away so I half set it half dropped it on the ground and walked away.

I am aware that my reaction to this guy was questionable. I probably should have just walked away with the strip down my chin, or bough the razor! haha I then walked to the neearest barber and had them shave me nice. Pretty funny stuff...

If your out there razor man, sorry for dropping your razor.

Here is one of my favorite snacks. It is a clam thingy packed with rice with squeezed lemon juice on it. Here is a mini movie clip on how vendors give them to you.

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The Elledges said...

those barbers are seriously out to get you!

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