Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pictures say it best

Jacob unloading the sheroot, or large group taxi, on our way to the airport.

Military man with gun shopping in the twisted alleyways of the Old City. Storekeepers here are the most aggressive we've ever met, with the cheesiest lines: "It doesn't cost to look!" "Where you from?" "Made in China! Maybe" and "Where you going? I'm talking to you!"

At the hostel
Jacob emerging from the Garden Tomb. He requested this pictureThe tomb itself. It felt touristy to take a picture of such a sacred place. But who knows if we will come back. So here it is

This is where BYU kids have sacrament meeting.
A moment when I was taking a candid picture was also a moment Jacob decided to throw a dart of some kind at me.

An olive press. People eat olives in this area of the world as often as we eat, I don't know, bread and butter. It's a staple.

Jacob happened to meet at the Jerusalem Center a woman who served with one of the sister missionaries who baptized him. Small world!

Two Jewish men worshipping at the holiest spot in Judaism, the spot at the wall nearest to the Ark of the Covenant.
View of Judean Hills at the Holocaust Museum. We saw the literal Schindler's List.

It was great to travel with a friend from Provo.

Jacob and Scott philosophizing outside the walls of the Old City.
Jewish food market

Jacob taking a nap in the cemetery reserved for Jewish rich people (it's facing the Wailing Wall) on the Mount of Olives

In the Garden of Gethsemane (traditionally) Jacob says he doesn't know why he's making that goober face

At the Pools of Bethesda, where Jesus healed an ailing man

Closer to the Dome of the Rock. It's at this spot that the Prime Minister of Israel blew the ramhorn, a not-too-subtle reference to Joshua in the Bible declaring war. The Dome of the Rock has been built over the remains of the former temple, and til it's gone, Jewish people can't fully worship the way they want because they can only build the temple, according to God, in one spot: here.

Not to be confusing, but we never posted pics of Sofia, visited on the way to Macedonia. We only spent one day in Bulgaria. We were horrified at the traffic: even locals just have to gulp and run when crossing the street; often there's no sidewalks. The taxi drivers here have no morals. Our hostel was very helpful and nice, best part about the trip.
This is a synagogue in Bulgaria, one of the only countries in Europe who sheltered, and eventually saved, their Jews during the Holocaust.

I took this picture back when I was fascinated with the uneven sidewalks. Now I know that is the norm in most places, and America just happens to have exceptionally stellar sidewalks.

Fantastically huge Greek Orthodox Churches.


GooberDiva13 said...

In China they yell at you "Lookie Lookie! Cheaper! Cheaper! For you, special price!"

jacob said...

I love the dart throwing pic.

The Elledges said...

How amazing to see so many places we've read about and thought about so often! Thanks for the post!

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